Mobile Apps

Access to MaryKayInTouch is provided to Mary Kay Beauty Consultants who work for The Mary Kay Company. By login into the portal, you may simply access your accounts. You don’t need anything more than your login information and a device connected to the Internet to get started.

The cost of the beginning kit, which contains pamphlets, CDs, and cosmetic samples, is also included. Additionally, within one month of signing the consulting agreement, consultants are required to place a first order for items totaling at least $ 200.

Mary Kay is known for utilising cutting-edge commercial methods and ideas. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are available for usage by consultants and clients.


MaryKayInTouch Mobile Apps

Mary Kay has three mobile applications in addition to the MaryKayInTouch login page. The following are the app details:

Using the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App, your adviser will be able to propose the best items for you based on your skin type. The following features are included in this application:

  • Personal recommendations for Mary Kay products are generated through the use of face skin suggestion technology.
  • Evaluate a variety of skin features, such as skin type, texture, complexion, and other aspects.
  • What your independent beauty expert comes up with is based on your results.

Using the Mary Kay Mirror Me App, you may design the makeup look of your dreams. There are an infinite number of colour combinations available on your face, eyes, and lips thanks to this augmented reality software. The application’s most essential features include:

  • Front and back-facing cameras allow for precise eye and lip make-up, as well as tracking your motions.
  • Makeup artists have produced hundreds of Mary Kay products, hues, and styles.
  • Before meeting with an independent beauty professional, experiment with a variety of makeup looks.
  • In addition to sharing your own creations, you can also add Luis Casco’s looks to your social networking accounts and send them an email. You may even store the looks to your phone or tablet for inspiration.
  • While you’re having fun, use the app to add your favourite things to your pocket.

All of Mary Kay’s goods are easily accessible through the Mary Kay eCatalog App, which also allows you to compare pricing so that you can get the best product for your needs.